New Jersey Dog Bite Laws

You can get compensation if you have been injured because a dog bit you. This is only possible if you can prove that the dog owner’s negligence is what led to your injury. Dog owners are often held responsible for dog bites even if their dog does not gave a record of attacks or violence.

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New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer

Consult and experienced dog bite lawyer that can negotiate with insurance companies or litigate for you to receive maximum compensation.

NJ Dog Bite Laws

While other states give legal free pass for dog owners whose dogs have bitten people for the first time, New Jersey holds the owner responsible even if it’s the first time the dog has bitten someone. You do not have to prove that the dog owner was negligent or careless for you to get compensation. However, there are certain things that victims have to do to establish liability. These include:

  • The victim was in a public place or “lawfully” on private property when the dog attack happened
  • The dog bit that victim in that public place
  • The defendant was the owner of the dog

However, if the dog bit you when you were trespassing, you cannot sue the dog owner.  But if you were bitten in a public place, then you only have two years to file a claim.  New Jersey law only covers injuries caused by dog bites not other dog attacks. For example, if you got injured because a dog jumped on you, the dog bite statute does not offer any litigation options for you. It is strictly for dog bites.

What A New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer Can Do

Your lawyer will work in conjunction with medical experts, investigators and support staff to gather evidence to help prepare a solid case for you. They will investigate the dog ownership, its medical history and analyze the facts of the assault you suffered.  Your lawyer will also calculate the amount you need for compensation based on the details of your assault. You can also ask your lawyer for an estimation of how long your case may take to resolve.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite

To preserve your rights after a dog bite, these are some of steps you need to take:

  • Contact the police or a local agency responsible for animal control immediately after being bitten
  • Take photos of your wound
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible so that the wound does not get infected
  • Find out who owns the dog and whether the dog has been vaccinated
  • Collect contact information of potential witnesses
  • Call your lawyer for guidance and counsel

Seeking medical attention is very important even if the wound seems too minor.  Going to the doctor also means that your wound will be documented, which can be used as evidence in court.  You can take the case to court may be a last resort if negotiations with the dog owner fail. You can receive compensation for the following after a dog bite:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Time off work
  • Medical expenses