Jersey City Car Accident Lawyer

There is an average of 24 collisions on every single mile of road in Jersey City every year according to a report by the New Jersey Transportation Department.  A number of people in Jersey City have been left with overwhelming financial, physical and emotional issues because they were injured in car accidents.

Jersey City NJ Car Accident AttorneysMost of these accidents are caused by drivers who disregard traffic rules. But even the drivers that follow traffic rules are at a risk of getting injured in a car accident caused by negligent drivers because they share the same roads.


A Jersey City Lawyer Can Help You

You may be able to handle a claim involving a minor collision or fender bender but if the accident led to serious injuries or property damage, you will need the services of a lawyer.  Injuries can lead to high medical bills for such things as hospital visits, diagnostic tests, surgery and more. On top of that, the insurance companies will attempt to offer to pay you as little as possible irrespective of how serious your injuries are. Your lawyer knows that these companies are at the end of the day only interested in making profits and will negotiate aggressively with them for you to get maximum compensation.

Your lawyer will do the following:

  • Discuss all the options you have in your case and answer your questions
  • Will represent you in court and offer legal advice
  • Investigate your case with the help of experts to gather evidence to identify everyone that should be held responsible for your injuries
  • Help estimate the full cost of your losses
  • Submit a letter to the insurance company that reflects the full extent of your losses and the compensation you need
  • Negotiate with the insurance company about a settlement for your claim
  • Take your car accident case to the court if the negotiations with the insurance company fails

This means that you will need a lawyer that has experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of car accident victims. To estimate the full cost of your losses your lawyer will consider present and future medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and more.

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What To Do After A Car Accident

Take the following steps after a car accident:

  • Call 911 or your local law enforcement to request for officers to be dispatched to the scene
  • Get medical care even if all you have sustained are few bumps or bruises
  • Ask for the other drivers name, contact information and insurance information
  • Report the accident your insurance company
  • Do not post photos or comments on social media because those statements can be used against you by insurance companies
  • Call an experienced lawyer and ask about the legal options available for you

Your lawyer will not only inform you about the options you have in the case but also represent you in negotiations with insurance companies.  The lawyer may also help you get medical attention from capable doctors or hospitals.