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Auto Accident Lawyer NJ

New Jersey experienced 256,482 crashes in 2016 alone according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  Out of those accidents about 60,000 resulted in injury.  

Even good drivers are at a risk of getting involved in accidents. One of the main reasons for this is that you share roads everyday with a number of negligent drivers. Contact an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney if you get injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver.

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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer NJ

Even in a case that seems simple enough for you to handle without a lawyer, there is a risk that you may not get full compensation.  Insurance companies will use almost every trick in the book to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. However, your lawyer will seek the maximum amount that you deserve. 

Your New Jersey Accident Lawyer Will Do the Following…

  • Investigate your crash to collect evidence that may help bolster your case
  • Your lawyer will assess the physical, financial and emotional harm from the accident to determine the full extent of your damages
  • Help you fill all the necessary paperwork with insurance companies, courts and other lawyers
  • Inform you of the options available for you in the case, steps involved and the time it will possibly take
  • Use all information and evidence collected to prepare a solid case for you
  • Take your case to trial if insurance companies challenge liability or the amount of damages

Your lawyer will also give you regular update about your case and assist you if you experience problems with your motor vehicle repair or replacement or your medical treatment.

Steps You Should Take After A New Jersey Car Accident

Take the following steps after an accident:

  • Get examined by a doctor to examine you and diagnose any of your injuries
  • Notify you insurance company about your accident as soon as you can but do not accept a settlement from the insurance company until you consult a lawyer
  • Keep all records of medical bills, vehicle repair bills and other expenses related to your accident
  • Go online or contact local law enforcement for a copy of the police report about the crash

There are people that ignore the “seek medical attention” step because they feel fine after an accident, only to start experiencing serious pain later. Having a doctor examine you can help you detect injuries that were hidden immediately after the accident. Don’t face the civil courts alone. Contact our personal injury lawyers today (201) 212-5417.

Injured In New Jersey?

You may have a case if the at-fault driver’s careless driving is what caused the accident that led to you sustaining injuries. You have to prove in a court that you sustained injuries. This is why you need to go to the doctor after an accident and keep all the medical documents you get after you have been examined. Your lawyer’s investigations are supposed to help assign fault to the driver that caused your car crash. This will prevent the at-fault driver for blaming you or another party for the accident.

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